Everyone has their own definition of simple. For me it refers to “getting back to basics” and resisting the urge to live the fast-paced, competitive, instant gratification lifestyle that some would consider the norm today. I grew up in a house without cable tv where I learned to make cookies, pancakes, pizza, and bread from scratch. My weekends were full of homemade crafts, sewing, and playing outside.

I’m 30 something, married, and a mommy who wants her children to grow up in a house full of faith, love, healthy food, and homemade play dough.

Why the (er)?
I’d love to believe that I could be the perfect model of faith, health, successful parenting, and green living. But no matter how hard I try I am willing to accept that there will inevitably be days when I binge on Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, ditch exercise in favor of watching a movie, neglect to put plastic in the recycling bin, splurge on overly expensive shoes, or feed my baby puffs to keep her from crying in public. Instead of letting these little slip ups derail me from my mission, I’m choosing to embrace the (er) and remind myself that every step towards simple, holy, healthy, frugal, clean, and happy makes a difference.


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