Keeping Lent Simple

Simple lent

I have no business spending time on a blog these days.  Life is very overcomplicated, stressful, and overwhelming at the moment.  Yet, I’m currently in a bit of a rut with my faith, health, and other aspects of my life so it is time to shake things up.  Keeping a record of my efforts is worth some merit, even if it is only for my benefit.  I’ve recently discovered Blessed Is She and have been reading their daily devotions and participating in their twitter chats.  When I heard that they were sponsoring a link-up every Thursday, I figured it was a good time to brush off the blog I started years ago and actually write another post.  So…here goes (please bear with my beginner blogging skills).

I find Lent to be such an interesting season with powerful traditions.  I remember in college hearing the Priest at the Newman center remarking that Ash Wednesday was one of the highest attended Masses despite the fact that it is not considered a Holy Day of Obligation.  Lent resonates with people.  It is a time to refocus and recommit to that which is good.  A time to reflect and renew.

I am in desperately in need of Lent this year.  I know that Lent can be difficult, but I am longing for the discipline and solemnity of Lent.  I’m looking forward to the transformation that can occur if I commit to truly living Lent.

My challenge with making plans is to keep them simple.  I’m an overachiever and I tend to over commit and then am extremely hard on myself when I am unable to live up to my unrealistic expectations.  I’m intentionally keeping my Lenten plan simple and achievable.

Prayer: I’ve ordered the Blessed Is She Lenten Journal and my goal is to spend some quiet time each day reflecting on scripture and recording my thoughts.

Fasting: I know I said I was keeping things simple, but I have a couple things that I need to rid my life of this year.

First, diet coke.  My addiction (yes, addiction) to diet coke is ridiculous.  I’ve committed to quitting several times in my life and have been fairly successful, but eventually I’ll allow myself to have “just one” and then it becomes a habit all over again.  I get headaches if I don’t have one at lunch each day and I’m tired of spending the money on such an unnecessary vice.  Also, its a very unhealthy habit that I’m ready to move on from.

Second, unnecessary purchases.  I’m trying to become more financially responsible this year and I need to stop buying things I “need.”  Time to seriously commit to living simply and paying off debt for good (student loans, I’m ready to be done with you!).

Giving: We are going to try Lenten Sacrifice Beans in our home for the first time this year.  My daughter is 2 and I think she will understand the concept and be motivated to participate.  Of course, mom and dad will be able to earn beans by modeling good deeds at home.  I’m sure little M will LOVE seeing the beans change into Jellybeans or M & Ms on Easter Morning.

We also may do a Lenten calendar similar to this one from Catholic Icing to help us keep track of the days remaining in Lent.

So that’s the plan.  I’ll try to find time to post an update or two, and I hope to do more of the Blessed Is She link ups.

bissisterhood link up_zpskl2jxyy6

One thought on “Keeping Lent Simple

  1. Yay for simple! And I am so excited for the BIS Lenten journal!!!! I can’t wait to get started on it and see how God moves me closer to Him. Stopping by from Blessed Is She 🙂

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